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Crystallography Online: Workshop on the use of the structural and magnetic tools of the Bilbao Crystallographic Server
Postponed June 2022, Leioa (Spain)

Forthcoming schools and workshops

  • New upload option in MAGNDATA
    10/2021: New feature that permits anyone to submit to this database any published magnetic structure not yet included in the collection.
  • New Article
    10/2021: Elcoro et al. "Magnetic Topological Quantum Chemistry". Nature Comm. (2021) 12, 5965

  • New Article
    09/2021: de la Flor et al. "Layer groups: Brillouin-zone databases on the Bilbao Crystallographic Server". Acta Cryst (2021) A77.

  • Subperiodic groups 07/2021: New features in GENPOS, WYCKPOS and MAXSUB for subperiodic groups.

Material used in workshops and schools

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