MVISUALIZE arrow 3d Visualization of Magnetic Structures with Jmol

MVISUALIZE: 3D Visualization of magnetic structures with Jmol

MVISUALIZE: 3D visualization of magnetic structures with Jmol
This program lets the visualization of magnetic structures given in mcif file format using Jmol. Also, for commensurate magnetic structures, it can be used to transform magnetic structures to other setting and to obtain, if the paramagnetic "parent" structure is specified in the introduced mcif file, the domain-related equivalent descriptions corresponding to the magnetic structure. These alternative descriptions of the magnetic structure can be downloaded in mcif file format and visualized as well.

Tutorial of MVISUALIZE: download

Examples and further information can be found in the following paper:

J.M. Perez-Mato, S.V. Gallego, E.S. Tasci, L. Elcoro, G. de la Flor, and M.I. Aroyo
Annu. Rev. Mater. Res. (2015), 45:13.1-13.32

which can be used to cite this program.

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