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Generators/General Positions 3D Crystallographic Point Groups

Generators/General Positions of 3D Crystallographic Point Groups
This program provides the information about the generators and the general positions of the three-dimensional crystallographic point groups.

One can get the generators and general positions for a chosen point group (selecting one from the table) or one can get a table with the geometrical interpretation of the symmetry operations, in Seitz notation, for all the three-dimensional crystallographic point groups.

The point group symbols are given following the Shoenflies and the Hermann-Mauguin symbols as given in the International Tables for Crystallography, Vol. A.
For a specific case, choose a three-dimensional crystallographic point group from the next table:

C11 Ci-1 C22 Csm C2h2/m D2222 C2vmm2 D2hmmm
C44 S4-4 C4h4/m D4422 C4v4mm D2d-42m D4h4/mmm C33
C3i-3 D332 C3v3m D3d-3m C66 C3h-6 C6h6/m D6622
C6v6mm D3h-6m2 D6h6/mmm T23 Thm-3 O432 Td-43m Ohm-3m

To get the symmetry operations in Seitz notation of all three-dimensional crystallographic point groups click here.

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