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Wyckoff Positions of 2D Crystallographic Point Groups

This program permits the access to the information about the wyckof positions ofthe two-dimensional crystallographic point groups. One has to select one point group among the ten two-dimensional crystallograhic point groups in the following table:

1 2 m 2mm 4 4mm 3 3m1 31m 6 6mm

Once the point group is chosen the information about the Wyckoff position is shown:

Wyckoff Positions of 2D Crystallographic Point Group 4mm

Multiplicity Letter Site Symmetry Coordinates
8 c 1 (x,y)(-x,-y)(-y,x)(y,-x)(-x,y)(x,-y)(y,x)(-y,-x)
4 b ..m (x,x)(-x,-x)(-x,x)(x,-x)
4 a .m. (x,0)(-x,0)(0,x)(0,-x)
1 o 4mm (0,0)

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