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Seitz Notation

In order to properly describe the general positions of Space Groups, symmetry operators are also given in Seitz notation. Using this notation, symmetry operations are indicated in the following way:


where 'R' is a symbol denoting the rotational character of the symmetry operation, i.e. if it is a rotation or rotoinversion (if the 'R' symbol is primed the symmetry operation contains time-reversal), and 't' is the translation vector.

'R' symbol consists of a number indicating the order of the rotation, with a preceeding '-' for rotoinversions (except for planes that are denoted by the letter 'm') and a subscript that gives the direction where the axis of this rotation or rotoinversion lies.

Some examples to 'R' symbols that may appear in the Seitz notation are:

1. D. B. Litvin and V. Kopský, Seitz notation for symmetry operations of space groups, Acta Cryst. A67, 415-418 (2011).

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