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Magnetic subgroups compatible with some given propagation vector(s) or a supercell

k-Subgroupsmag: Magnetic subgroups compatible with some given propagation vector(s) or a supercell.
The program k-Subgroupsmag provides the possible magnetic subgroups of the space group of a paramagnetic phase (gray group) which are possible for a magnetic ordering having a known propagation vector. The program provides the set of magnetic subgroups or a graph showing the subgroup-tree (grouped into conjugacy classes). In both cases, more information about the classes or subgroups can be obtained.

Other alternatives for the input of the program:

  • An alternative parent (non gray) magnetic group can be chosen.
  • Instead of the whole set of subgroups, the output can be limited to subgroups having a chosen common subgroup of lowest symmetry.
  • More than one wave-vector can be chosen.
  • The whole (or partial) stars of vectors can be introduced.
  • Instead of propagation wave-vectors, a supercell can be given. In this case, all subgroups with their lattice defined by the supercell are given, including the gray ones.
  • See the Help for details.
    Enter the serial number of the space group of the parent paramagnetic phase:
    Choose an alternative magnetic group
    Limit here the lowest common subgroup to be considered

    Introduce the propagation vector(s)
    (Give the components of the propagation vector(s) in a fractional form, n/m)
    k1x    k1y    k1z 
    Choose the whole star of the propagation vector
    Alternatively give the basis vectors of the supercell

    List of all subgroups Tree of all subgroups
    List of maximal subgroups Tree of maximal subgroups
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