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  • New program: mCIF2PCR
    03/2017: Transformation from mCIF to PCR format. The PCR file can be used as input for FullProf.

  • New programs: Get_irreps and Get_mirreps
    08/2016: Irreps and order parameters in a space group-subgroup phase transition and in a paramagnetic space group- magnetic subgroup phase transition, respectively.

  • New programs: Representations PG and Representations SG
    08/2016: Irreducible representations of the crystallographic Point Groups and of the Space Groups, respectively.

  • New program: BNS2OG
    07/2016: New program BNS2OG to transform the symmetry operations of a magnetic group between BNS and OG settings.

  • New version: k_SUBGROUPSMAG
    07/2016: New version of the program k_SUBGROUPSMAG to calculate the magnetic subgroups of a group under given conditions.

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